FREE!! Themed Color Backgrounds for Online Auction Listing Pages and Scrapbooking Paper too!!

Please choose the color you are looking for from the links on the right...

Remember when you find the one you like, just click on it, then right click on the image and save to your chosen file. Don't forget that you'll have to upload it to your photo hoster, and get a url address for it,  to be able to use it on ebay or anywhere on the web. If you have no photo hoster, let me know, and I'll send you a url address for it.

Q: What do you do with these? Why are they in so many colors?

A: If you are a seller on Ebay, you have many items. It is always fun to have a background that is themed to the item you are selling. What color is your item? Here, not only can you match the theme to the item, but also the color!!

Q: Can these background pages be used for Scrapbooking too?

A: Absolutely!! And not just scrapbooking!! They can be great for the Greeting Card Maker too!! Just find the ones that you can use, and print it out!!